Tim and I feel so fortunate to have families with lake homes. We love spending our weekends boating, fishing, and relaxing with loved ones. A few weeks ago, we loaded up the dogs and headed west to my Mom’s cabin in northeastern South Dakota to celebrate the art of doing absolutely nothing.

Mom and Erica

I love the location of my mom’s lake home – about a hundred miles from nowhere.

South Daktoa

Well, not exactly nowhere. To be more precise, her cabin is nestled in the middle of a large cattle ranch. We awoke each morning to the cows (quite literally) coming home to feed.


Luckily, Mother Nature cooperated and blessed us with a warm, sunny weekend. We took advantage of the blue skies to do some exploring.

Tim and Tucker

My mom’s friends, LaVern and Linda, own a hobby farm down the road, so we stopped by one day to say hello to the donkeys…


…and the horses…


…who begged us for a few biscuits.


It felt great to unplug from reality and breathe in the fresh air.


We didn’t do any fishing, but we did enjoy our time near the lake.

Tim and Erica

And despite encountering a garter snake or two, our weekend was nothing short of wonderful.

Tucker and Erica
~ Erica